Lacing To Perfection

how to lace a boot blog post

Lacing your hiking boots may sound simple but get it wrong and the rest of the walk turns from enjoyable to an uncomfortable nightmare.

Well, maybe that is a little extreme, but you really need comfy hiking boots and this is a great way to start.

Learning to lace your boots quickly and in the best way to provide a better fit is paramount. Give this a go and see how you get on.

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Amazing Tents

amazing tents blog post

Here’s a Collection of Some Amazing Tents

Seeing some of these amazing tents makes you want to rush and buy one. They look fantastic and so exciting. From swinging hammocks to pull-up vehicle coverings, these tents will make your next camping adventure really comfortable.

If you are looking for a sociable family tent there’s even one for you. Big enough for the whole family so you can enjoy those weekends away eating out under the stars and sitting around the log fire.

Picture painting at its best!

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Compact Clothes Folding Secrets

compact way to pack clothes blog post

Amazingly Compact Ways to Fold Clothes Video

One of my pet hates is to open up my case or backpack and find all my clothes creased and shabby looking.

I wish I knew how to fold them properly and pack them neatly so I could get more in and unpack them looking without having to iron them!

Oh, but wait, now I can learn how to!

Thanks to this simple but effective video demonstration I will be able to keep my clothes looking great and pack so much more in.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

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