Mountain Warehouse Tor Review

A Review of The All Season Mountain Warehouse Tor 65L Rucksack.

Good Points:

  • Top & Bottom Access
  • Air Mesh Back
  • Large Capacity

Not So Good Points:

  • No Hydration Pack
  • Fiddly Backstraps

The Mountain Warehouse Tor 65 litre is a great multi purpose ruck sack, good for Hiking, camping, back packing and even the great British Festival!

Lots and lots of storage space with the very useful bonus of two  way access to the main compartment which has a draw string top and a zipped bottom allowing you to get at your kit without unpacking everything.

The all important comfort levels are excellent with a raised air mesh back

The compression straps that keep everything neat and compact even when your pack is not full to bursting have the advantage of being ‘two way’ to deal with not just the sides but also the height of the pack.

The all important comfort levels are excellent with a raised air mesh back making it cooler to use even in warmer climbs whilst the back straps and waist belt are well padded and can be adjusted to small, medium and large.

The Multiple pockets and secure compact storage are always useful, as is the good thick and durable material used, however it does lack  compatibility for a hydration pack which could be an issue for some hikers.

Why Buy The Tor 65 Litre Rucksack – Conclusion

As with all rucksacks, you should look at the empty weight first and the overall size. This gives you a good starting position for comparison. Depending on how you are going to use your backpack, you might look at whether it has a good hip belt, as this will add stability to wearability as well.

The Tor 65 litre is a big all purpose rucksack and will allow many items to be stored, so the use of a good hip belt will make carrying this backpack on your adventures much more bearable.

Getting the right fit for your body is a must. If it’s too long you will spend all day adjusting and shuffling it up your back, too short and the belts will be a burden. The compression straps will aid in keeping this rucksack to your desired length and width.

Always a bonus!

With easy ordering and return options, it is so easy now to try before you buy and this is always recommended when buying rucksacks.

Large Capacity

Offers large main section with many extra pockets and sleeves.

Comfort & Durability

Raised Airmesh back for good airflow. Thick durable material and well padded straps.

Design & Style

Stylish design with easy top and bottom access to your kit.

4.5 star rating


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