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Osprey Backpacks for Walkers

Before you buy an Osprey backpack you must read this review!

Having gone through a list of Osprey backpacks I have concluded these are the best for day walking as they are light, efficient and perfectly balanced to carry with you on your walks.

Who Are Osprey?

The company was started back in 1974 in California with a focus on building long lasting quality daypacks designed for daily commuters and soon started creating future proof backpacks for longer and tougher terrains.

The “All Mighty” Guarantee!

Their guarantee ties in to the founders ethos of building products to last whilst protecting the environment.

If anything goes wrong all you need to do is call upon their guarantee and they will strive to repair your backpack rather than dispose of it.

Which shows a strong belief in the lifecycle of the product.

The Osprey 24/Seven Series

The 24/Seven series of backpacks are designed for commuters and everyday walkers.

Ideal for short walks as they are lightweight and extremely versatile.

As well as the ability to carry the essentials like a dry set of clothes it also has an internal padded laptop sleeve to protect your valuables.

The outer is constructed from a waterproof material with an easy glide zip to keep your contents dry during the occasional shower, but if you are looking for guaranteed dryness you can purchase an extra waterproof outer cover.

The side pockets are made from a tight mesh and are just big enough for a small water bottle or umbrella.

Once finished for the day just fold it flat and store away.

The 24/Seven series includes: (Click to discover more)

With a unisex design, a range of colours and different sizes there are also plenty of extras to choose from depending on your needs.

For longer journeys the 24/Seven is cleverly designed to clip onto a larger rucksack such as the Aether AG 70, giving more flexibility and extra storage.

Good Points:

  • Internal document sleeve – protecting your valuables

  • Removable webbing hip belt – making it more comfortable and easier to wear

  • Expanding Outer Pocket – pull tight to hold in place larger items.

  • Lightweight – ideal for day walks and commutes

  • Waterproof – enough to protect your contents from the occasional shower

Not So Good Points:

  • Small side pockets – means they are just big enough for a small water bottle but do not stretch to much more.

Osprey 24/Seven Summary

For day walking and light rambling these Osprey backpacks are ideal. They give you just enough storage space with the ability to upscale to a larger rucksack with it’s click and attach facility. Making these an extremely lightweight and versatile backpack.

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Why Buy An Osprey Backpack?

According to the Osprey official website, below you will find their company and environmental ethos.

  • Osprey only design/build high quality products that last a long time.
  • They don’t over-produce products and sell them at clearance prices.
  • They use very expensive materials and fabrics, therefore we keep wastage to an absolute minimum.
  • Their product is not fashion driven, so we aren’t encouraging consumers to replace products before they are worn out.
  • Wherever possible Osprey repair warranty products rather than replace them.
  • Wherever possible Osprey use recyclable and recycled materials in packaging – and keep any packaging to a minimum.

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