The saga of heated clothing first began about a century ago. Ever since more and more innovators have developed better blends of the textile and technological variety. Today, the world is endowed with all kinds of self-warming clothing, ranging from footwear to headgear, made for all sorts of events and activities. This is an in-depth guide to finding the best heater hats to purchase.

TOP heated hats

Gobi Heat

Winter is a problem faced by all, where people suffer and respond to the cold differently, one of the themes being beaches. These can be recurring and a general nuisance. Gobi Technologies takes notice and brings forth their innovative Gobi Heat; a hat that wards off the cold and headaches by providing gradual warmth to the head and upper rear neck.

The hat is extremely stylish, providing your head with protection from both the low temperatures and the strong winter winds. The heating system is powered by a certified battery, tried and tested for maximum functionality and endurance.

The hat’s heating system is fitted with a standard LED controller, with a few modifications for endurance and ease of use. It uses a distinctive bright added-on to make the hat more visible in the dark.

With the same LED system, the wearer can also select the different heat settings that suit their exterior temperature and preferences. When turned on, at any setting, the heating system activates and starts warming the wearer’s head in just a few seconds.


The hat is meticulously woven to give a smooth feel while trapping the heat inside. Known to be very soothing this heated beanie is the perfect remedy for head fatigue. It can be worn by all genders, with its optimal but super stylish design.

However the hat tends to become a little uncomfortable if worn for longer periods of time, daily use may see the wearer experiencing some health problems and the constant heat may induce a degree of dizziness.


Carrying the name of its esteemed manufacturer, this electric heated hat is the pinnacle of high performance, quality, and sensitivity. Savior is a largely recognized technology company that is fixated on designing, making, and marketing excellent products. They have known the world over, showered by praise over their exceptional levels of customer satisfaction.

The Savior team is comprised of experts in the technical field, all of who actively contribute to the firm’s production of heated items. To such ends, the firm tends to stand out amongst the competitive firms in the same business.

The hat is made with specific emphasis on keeping the wearer warm and comfortable throughout the entire duration of the winter session. They are equipped with the typical power button with which the wearer can adjust the heat intensity settings. The optimal heat settings are specially calculated to range in the ‘comfortable’ zone for just about all wearers.


The heating system comprises three layers of heating elements, powered by a certified lithium-ion battery of capacity 7,4V 2200mAh. The battery is designed to maintain a constant state of warmth for an entire day. This model is suited to both men and women and is very affordable. That said, the fit is quite restricted, where some wearers saw it a bit small for their head; including the hat’s accessories.

Action Heat

Known for producing some of the very best-hearted clothes and additional accessories, ActionHeat is the first choice for most people looking for heated headwear. The professional manufacturers run detailed renderings of their products before putting them into production, ensuring detailed perfections and overall satisfaction of customers. The ActionHeat battery heater hat is tried and tested for long-lasting operation, with efficient and even distribution of warmth.

The heating system is made with in-built carbon fiber panels, with stainless steel metallic linings. They are skilfully placed along with each ear, to even out distributing from a central point. Together, these elements efficiently provide warmth within the first few seconds of activation.

They are also very light and flexible, giving a snug but comfortable fit. The material used is of high quality, insulating the beanie while offering a breathable feel. The wearer can easily control the temperature settings via the standard single button control.


The beanie is suitable for all medium to high-intensity outdoor activities, powered by a 5V 3000mAh lithium-ion battery, rechargeable by a standard USB power port. The wearer can keep track of the battery’s state of charge using the four-stage LED indicator. However, its pricing can be a bit much for most people.


Manufactures of a varying range of heated products, electric or USB powered, Qilove brings forth a battery heater hat that is tried and tested for quality and operational functionality. Their ideal market crosses over from basic indoor and outdoor users to professional participants in winter and high-speed activities.

Three heat settings are used to regulate the overall temperature, namely low, mid and high. The textile material used is specially made to soothe the head, giving a warm and comfy feeling. The inner weavings are also lined with high tensile fibers that make it last longer with no immediate signs of wear and tear.

Its stylish and elegant design makes it wearable in just about any setting, casual or formal; the old-school black and khaki blend suit a lot of activities. The outer surface is made to trap bodily and panel heat for longer periods of time. It is also well bound making it completely wind resistant.


The efficient heating system is evenly lined to produce steady warmth. It draws power from a moderate 7,4V lithium polymer battery capable of sustaining consistent medium intensity operation for over 20 hours. However, there is a general concern with heated headwear that could see wearers experiencing some ‘issues’ after prolonged use.


A company full of tech-savvy developers, manufacturers, and all-around innovators, AutoCastle is best known for producing self-warming gloves, jackets, socks, pants, leggings and so many more. They have been operational for quite some time, gradually building their name and strengthening their standings as a technical textile manufacturer. Its never-ending innovations and ideology are what put it on the map and on this list.

The hat with the heater inside is a relatively new concept, recently being implemented. The weaving work is done using 100% polyester fiber and 100% acrylic fiber. Collectively, these materials effectively insulate the hat, as well as protects it from extreme winter winds.


The hat is reasonably priced and available in abundance to both men and women. The powerful 7,4V lithium-ion batteries are certified, with rechargeable operation. From full capacity, the battery is depleted after 6 to 7 hours of continuous usage at a medium intensity.

That said, individuals with textile allergies need to be wary of the polyester lining, which might lead to skin irritation and, or, rashes. AutoCastle especially produces these models for outdoor use, such as camping, hiking, snow trekking, and many others. They are also okay for indoor use.


Available across entire continents, MMLove products are quickly rising to the top of the textile-technology food chain. From the online store, purchases of the MMLove self-heating hat can be made. They are high-quality models, listed alongside a plethora of other self-warming products, the likes of jackets, socks, and pants, just to name a few. They guarantee a consistent blend of warmth and comfort.

The product’s weavings are made to be breathable, with tensile flexibility to fit different head sizes. It is designed to absorb body heat, as well as to produce its own. The layered insulation then traps this heat, effectively preventing its quick dispersion.

The heating elements are strategically placed on both sides of the hat, regulating the distribution of warmth. Base layers protect the wearer from any energy ‘spews’ that could lead to prolonged illness. It is also said to improve blood flow from the neck up.


The wearer can adjust the temperature using a triple-stage button control. It is powered by a 7,4V 2200mAh battery that can be recharged via a simple USB adaptor. The manufacturers deem the product to be completely weather-resistant, making it suitable for skiing, mountain climbing, and other outdoor activities. Those with fabric allergies may not find this product suitable.


SVPT is a mainstream manufacturer whose products can be purchased online with quick succession, via their highly efficient cart and purchase process. They produce high-quality products ranging from self-heating sweaters, gloves and socks, to other bathroom sub-appliances.

Large-scale production is done in several parts of the world, where SVSPT owns warehouses in a handful of countries. What started off as a small operation is now an active contender for supremacy in the technical textile industry.

That said, one of their best-selling products is their self-heating hat, rechargeable via a simple port power adapter. It is specifically made for maximum warmth and heat retention, with cotton and polyester lining that gives it the ability to mildly stretch. It makes use of a far infrared heating system, layered and evenly distributed to encompass the whole head area. Along with the betterment of blood oxygen circulation, the hat is also said to help in the soothing of migraines and prolonged headaches.


The lithium battery allows for 2 to 6 hours of continuous usage at medium intensity, before depletion. The product is suitable for men’s and women’s motorcycling, hiking, swimming (after), fishing, morning jogs, etc. The wearer is capable of adjusting its heat to its required setting.


Comfortwear Men’s Super Heated Beanie

A worldwide bestseller, this unique product is among the dominant bunch that fills carts all around the globe. ComfortWear takes all the necessary steps to ensure the utmost perfection of their beanie product, manufactured in a regulated space by fabric and textile experts, working alongside the best technical personnel available. Specially made for intense cold and high-speed mobility, this is the ultimate hat that provides great comfort throughout.

The model is light, partly due to the lightweight tensile fabric used, and largely attributed it the unique lightweight, medium to a high capacity battery pack. The outer shell is mildly elastic, made from the best fabric combinations available. A distinct LED display panel shows the respective battery capacities and the state of charge. The wearer turns them on using a standard-issue power button, that also regulates the temperature settings.


The inner weavings are delicately bound to make the product flexible (to a certain degree) and completely wind and waterproof. This effectively makes it highly suited to extreme sports and other outdoor activities, the likes of snow shoveling, motorbike racing, rally racing, jet skiing, sledding, slope skiing, surfing, hiking, and high altitude mountain climbing, just to point out a few. The electrical workings are supplied by a certified lithium-polymer power source, among the best of its kind.

AITOCO Heated Hat

This is a heated balaclava made by the AITOCO manufacturers. It is among a set of heated clothing items and bedroom appliances made by AITOCO. Managed by professional textile and fabric handlers, the production house upholds the highest standard of quality and expertise, in a registered controlled environment.

The interesting ideology used in the design of this specific product is quite unique; they produce an economic self-heating hat that uses less power than normal hats but running on a way lower capacity power supply. In order to accomplish this, the developers make a unique blend that incorporates heavy insulation and a low-intensity power supply. Surprisingly, as much as they use heavy insulation, the balaclava is quite thin, as compared to others.

The fleecy exterior allows the product to trap most of the heat energy for longer periods of time. The wearer can adjust its fit using the front grip, either to loosening it up or tightening it closer to the skin.

A certain degree of tensile elasticity is seen in the product, as is overall flexibility, where it slightly deforms to suit the wearer’s head. The flexibility of the product can also be expanded to refer to the many uses it has, not activities, but specific wearable properties. It can be worn as a non-medical face mask, a hood, a neck collar, or an abrasive cap.


The heating system draws its power from a tiny 3,7V battery pack, probably the smallest one we have ever come across. That same power supply sustains moderate-intensity usage for no less than 4 hours. It can be used for activities in extremely cold areas, such as in snow or in open vehicles traveling at high speeds. It is unisex and available at very reasonable prices in money online stores.

SVPRO Rechargeable Battery Heated Beanie

This is a knitted beanie that makes use of high retention insulation and a low-capacity heating system. It is designed by Savior technologies, a previous appearance in this list, in a high-quality environment, adhering to the highest standard of functional tests and trials before they are sold.

The hat ranges from 20 to 40 degrees Celsius, making it optimally ranges for all wearers. The front of the beanie is fitted with a standard LED indicator, next to a power button that can also be used to regulate the heat intensity output.

The heating system is divided to be placed on the upper side of both ears, gradually warming up the wearer’s head in the first minute or so of activation. It is designed to snugly fit onto the wearer’s head, with comfortable inner linings


The SVPRO beanie makes use of a 7,4V lithium-ion battery, rechargeable via a standard USB port. It can be worn by all genders and is available in most stores at an affordable price.

How we picked and tested

A difficult task in itself, we compiled as many products as we could and ran each of them through our eligibility tests. After this, we still had a number of product titles left, so we further tightened our factor intensity, after which we were left with the above-mentioned top ten rankings.

Why should you buy a heated hat

In terms of functionality that meets the task (keeping warm), heated headwear is far more superior to regular clothing. Sure, they may be a bit pricey in comparison, but they open you up to all the tasks you were not capable of doing. On top of this, they are said to have long-term health benefits.

Features to consider when buying a heated hat

Simply put, functionality and endurance should be your main concern. You should first know the tasks/activities you would like to do beforehand. With that done, list the traits you see in your ideal product, and simply look for those features.


  • Known to help with headaches
  • Standard features and usability principles
  • Most are very affordable


  • Prolonged radiation to the head and neck area can be problematic in the long run


Where can I buy one?

If you have a specific brand that you like, you can look it up to find out. Otherwise, many of today’s online stores sell self-warming clothing, as do some physical stores too.

Why are they so expensive?

Well, expensive is only accurate for some products. Most are very reasonably priced, simply look for them more thoroughly. In any case, a hat with a battery and electrical wiring/padding is bound to hold a higher price than one without.

Do the batteries last?

Nothing lasts forever, but the power sources for these hats are tested and certified before put into use. To such ends, they should last a couple of years before becoming completely useless. In any case, you can always invoke the warranty policy if the battery fails before the guaranteed time of functionality.


With so many stores and companies now venturing into the heated clothing business, winters are very much likely to become a problem of the past, as are the ‘impossible’ snowy/icy ventures!