Modern-day technology will never cease to surprise and innovate. About a hundred years ago, the world saw its very first concepts of self-healing clothing. Today, there are thousands of products raised from that concept – intelligent blends of textile and electrical technology. This is  a detailed look at some of the best-heated pants on the market right now

TOP heated pants

FERNIDA Electric Insulated Thermal Heated Underwear Pants

FERNIDA produces a wide range of pants, vests, and many other clothing items, as well as some non-clothing accessories to do with basic hygiene and bathroom add-ons. This time, the esteemed manufacture’s underwear section comes through with the insulated thermal heater pants.

As you would expect from undergarments, they are of a simple design, one that promotes maximum comfort and a gentle feel. They come in a tight, but not so tight, martial, very soft, and made to be easy on the skin surface. The pants are completely washable, where you can dip and rinse them off with a little cold or hot water.

They are specially woven with some micro-carbon fiber, a material rumored to increase the wearer’s blood circulation, reduce muscle tension and ease the joint strain, just to mention a few. Basically, this is a material recommended by many professionals who conduct physiotherapy and all-around workout sessions. The slim cut is designed to smoothly hug your body, bringing you warmth without altering or hiding your physical shape.

The pants come with an adjustable temperature gauge that lies within 38 to 50 degrees Celsius, allowing wearers to tune the warmth as much as they like. On a full charge, they can last for 4 to 6 hours with moderate usage and 2 to 3 hours at maximum intensity. Such information regarding the capacity is indicated by the LED fitting that changes from blue to red.


As stated before, these pants are classified as undergarments, meaning they are good for a regular home, school, or office use. However, they can be worn under more robust heater pants to boost their intensity. There are cuts that fit both sexes, as well as dedicated cuts for men only, or for women only.

DEWBU 100% Polyester Outdoor Electric 7.4V Heated Pants

DEWBU is another contented for the top sport, manufacturing all sorts of battery-powered body warmers and bathroom appliances. They make some top-notch electric heater pants, whose entire core is designed to supply you with warmth. This specific pants model makes use of a 7,4V CE/FCC battery, tested and certified before application.

It supplies the leg cores with a current that heats up the pants in mere seconds. The central heating points or focal points are focused around the knee area, in both legs. The surrounding area of each core is made with high-quality carbon fiber.

The temperature settings range around the moderate standard, where the wearer is given three modes for different proportional settings. These modes are shown by the LED node as red, blue, and green. The wearer can easily cycle through the intensity options with a quick press and hold of the power button.

What makes these pants great is their material makeup. They contain a  fleecy inner lining made of polyester. The lining makes the pants light, and also increases the trapping of thermal energy, thereby making you warm. The same layer is padded by leafy bionic technology, meant to protect against seepage of water droplets.

The material does this in such a way that prevents the water molecules from collecting into droplets and sliding on-off the surface of the pants. Large pockets and a zipper are provided as places in which you can store different personal belongings.


As the name suggests, these are outdoor pants. They are waterproof and can therefore be worn in the rain. The 7,4 V battery pack pants are available in men’s cuts only.

Sunwill Thermal Men & Women Winter Heated Base-layer Pants

Sunwill specializes in outdoor clothing, creating pants for jogging, skiing, hiking, cycling, and mountain trekking, among others. They are lined with a cotton interior, making them lightweight, soft, breathable, quick-drying, and very flexible.

In addition, the Sunwill pants are made with the infrared fiber heating element. Direct exposure to his fiber is said to promote blood oxygenation and overall circulation; which is very good news to people suffering from arthritis and muscle stiffens.

Furthermore, these heated pants have the infrared fiber heating element layer that promotes blood circulation to people who have Raynaud’s, bad circulation, arthritis, and stiff joints. Equally, they have the built-in microprocessor feature, which prevents the pants from short-circuiting and overheating.

The three-second switch button plays a big role in regulating the initial temperature. Above all, they are designed for the motorcyclists to wear under the jacket, making them safe during rainy, windy, and snow weather.


As stated before, these are base layer pants, meaning they are designed to be worn under additional layering; such as a ski jacket, track bottoms, or motorcycle pants. That said, they can still be worn on casual events, or while indoors, as they make for moderate warmth generators. The large battery can be recharged really fast.

On a full start, and with moderate intensity, they can last anywhere from 3 to 5 hours of full operation. They are Unisex, meaning both men and women can put them on with no problem at all. However, some may still find them too small for their liking.

FERNIDA USB Electric Cold-Proof Bottom Men/Women Thermal Heated Pants

FERNIDA comes through with yet another impressive product, but this time it is fully USB powered. These are specially made with a velvet material that makes them all the more stunning. The pants are very suitable for individuals who would like to boost their general motor functions; the thermal core and lining material ease muscular pain, soreness, and stiffness, as well as increase the quality of blood flow. Simply put, these pants models are quite the stylish find, providing unmatched comfort and a slim, mobile fit.

As mentioned, the pants come with no battery and are fully USB-powered. Be that as it may, wearers generally do not complain about the pants’ lack thereof. This is because FERNIDA takes all the necessary steps to make the product, as unique as it is, better and better.

To such ends, wearers do not face any problems using the pants as they are manufactured radiant heat technology, making them compatible with just about all power inputs or charging systems. They are made with a top-of-the-line TPU heating sheet that draws power and effectively warms the wearer’s body within minutes.


The pants models are great for hunting, skiing, cycling, fishing, camping, mountain climbing, motorcycle riding, and many other activities. The temperature is regulated, allowing the wearer to switch between the low, moderate, and high settings. They are available to all men and women, for any of the above-mentioned activities, and home use too. Admittedly, the lack of an inbuilt battery can be a bit of a nuisance.

Gerbing 12V Ex-Pro AQUATEX G-Liner Heated Pants

Designed for maximum warmth and comfort in some harsh weather settings, these pants are some of the best there are. The design also includes a Velcro enclosure in the lower area, along with leather grip panels and calf zippers.

The heating is centralized to four ‘Micro-wave’ zones, strategically placed to provide even warmth throughout the pants’ area of the enclosure. They are manufactured to be wind and waterproof, making them very efficient in warm and moderately cold temperatures.

The massive 12V electric wiring guarantees a maintained level of warmth at just about any temperature. The coils are placed in a way that spreads out heat more evenly across the whole covered area, regardless of the speed at which the wearer is traveling.

The interior connections are made to slightly protrude to allow easy connection of socks, gloves, and insoles, just to name a few. The pants themselves are remarkably strong, threaded with tiny stainless steel fibers; they are very durable.


For the best experience, they are coupled with some extra add-ons, add-ons such as an AQUATEX G-LINER and the 12V protective gear for motorcycling. With a fully charged battery, Gerbing guarantees no less than 8 hours of continuous operation at moderate intensity, where the time from the initial start-up to the desired heat point is around two minutes.

Generally, the Ex-Pro pants are directed more towards the male population, but females can wear them as well. That said, some customers have found the pants’ waist a bit too small.

ActionHeat Base-Layer Women 5V Battery Heated Pants

These are super lightweight, but provide warmth that competes with other larger pants. To manufacture them, ActionHeat used their signature heat reflection technology, snazzy named ActionWave.

They are also made use of FAR infrared heating, designed to quickly and evenly spread out warmed throughout the covered area. They do this with in-built heating plates, strategically placed at the lower legs, the knees, the thighs, and on the backside. All in all, these are excellent heater pants, designed by an excellent brand manufacturer.

They operate using a moderate-sized 5V base layer battery. It may not be the largest there is, but it certainly does an exceptional job during the time in which it would have power, effectively supplying the carbon fiber cores with a steady current.

They are pretty easy to use, with the standard button control power-up that activates the heating cores for around 3,5 hours on medium intensity. They are lined with polyester spandex material that gives them a tight fit and allows for great mobility. They are waterproof, meaning the wearer can take them for a ‘jog’ in a light drizzle or take them for a quick dip and wash without having to worry about anything; it also means they do not collect water.


They are deemed as pants for women, adjustable by a quick button dial. While wearing them, an individual can partake in recreational outdoor activities; unfortunately, the small battery does not allow for intensive use in extreme conditions, and they are not very strong either. The pants are also stylish and available for purchase at a reasonable price in all stores.

Gerbing 12V Micro-Wire Motorcycle Heated Pants

They are no undergarments but the idea with these pants is to wear them mid-layer, or underneath a more intense pair of pants. This way, they can provide the wearer with a steady heat supply, evenly distributed through their entire lower body area.

They are made for intense conditions, a result being the interconnected wiring that protrudes to allow a direct connection with a high-intensity 12V jacket, heated headgear, or heated gloves, just to name a few. To such ends, the pants are seen to be very thin, designed to fit perfectly and snugly to the body.

The waterproof exterior aids to the temperature regulation, ensuring the interior temperature is not affected by any occurrences in the surface onwards, keeping a steady and warm environment through the entire duration of the wear. Being waterproof also means that the pants are washable, although a hand wash would probably be the better option.


The pants are designed to maintain full operation in very cold temperatures and, or, at very high speeds; probably best suited to motorcycle racing. They are powered by an ultra-intensity 12V 3,6Amp power system that makes use of Micro-wires for the dispersion of heat through the covered region.

The system can be connected to an ongoing DC supply, such as that of a motorbike or ATV. They are generally Unisex, though the right color can be distinctive. They are lined with steel fiber that gives them high tensile strength and long-lasting durability. That said, some users complain that they are oversized upon receiving them.

Venture Heat Men/Women Rechargeable Heated Base-Layer Pants

The base layers manufactured in these pants allow them to be worn as direct insulation against the skin. They make use of three medium intensity heating panels that collectively warm up the body. They operate using a supper thin infrared heating system, that effectively and efficiently supplies steady current to each of the cores.

They use heating zones that are mainly centered around the knees, waist, and lower legs, efficiently warming each area gradually till the selected intensity is reached.

The regulating button allows the wearer to switch through the three heat modes; High, Moderate, and Low. The pants are lightweight and are made with ultra-comfort antibacterial synthetic material. The heating units draw their energy from portable lithium-ion batteries.


The pants are unisex and come with a 1-year warranty upon purchasing them in any store. The pricing is reasonable, and they can be used indoors or outdoors for non-intensive activities, at moderately cold temperatures. However, they are neither waterproof nor are they windproof.

DEWBU 7.4V Battery Heated Outdoor Pants

These pants supposedly assist in the gradual weight loss of the wearer, due to the fleecy polyester inner lining. They are very comfy, made with an onset of high-quality materials and fibers; the synthetic material makes them quite flexible and very breathable.

The outer lining effectively blocks water absorption at high rates, making the pants waterproof all around; they are machine washable and hand washable as well. The manufacturer, DEWBU, is well known for producing some innovative clothing and other wardrobe and bathroom accessories. This model is no exception as it makes for an efficient moderate-intensity clothing item.

The models range in versions, where one model of the pants draws power from a 5V Base Layer Battery and the other uses a 7,4V CE/FCC tested and certified battery unit. All warm-up pretty fast, with the only difference being the relative intensity and duration times; the 5V one is quite small, typically operating for no more than 6 hours, and the 7V one lasts a bit longer, operating for up to 10 hours.


Most of the pants are for female customers, and are typically okay for low strain outdoor and indoor activities, in moderately cold temperatures. Comparatively, the heat intensity for this model is quite low.

Cooci USB Battery Charge Heated Underwear Thick Pants

To show just how functional their pants are, mass producers Cooci made the design with an in-built thermal sensory protection module that prevents overheating or otherwise unregulated operation; this happens quite a lot with heater clothing, where some cases may end worse than others. The specialized module does this by cutting power supply or energy flow while measuring the temperature, only desisting when and if they return to the normal temperature.

They are incredibly comfortable, with dense cotton-weaving that is also tensile flexible. They make use of heating pad technology, which warms them up exceptionally fast. The outer lining is made thick, effectively insulating the pants and slowing down the escape of heat. The temperature can be controlled by the standard intensity dial.


The pants are powered by a USB-supplied system. They can be worn under layered clothing indoors or outdoors for activities like smooth hiking, jogging, yoga, and camping, among others. There are models for both men and women, available at reasonable prices. The lack of a portable battery pack is a bit disappointing though.

Gerbing Micro-Wire Motorcycle 12V Heated Pants

These are specially designed for motorcyclists who would like to ride in colder temperatures without having to put on dozens of itchy layers. They make use of the RipStop protective nylon shell and taffeta lining, effectively rendering them wind and dustproof, and perfect for body sensitivity.

They come with a minor set, consisting of a powerful 12V jacket, heated sock liners, inner leggings, specialized headgear, and heater gloves. All of these can easily be wired to the pant liner, or alternatively hooked up, as a collective unit, to an external power supply; a motorcycle, quad bike ATV, jet ski, or boat will do.


The pants are heated by the esteemed Micro-Wire technology, that supplies warmth and makes the polyester fibers stronger by bonding them with tiny steel weavings. The overall heating system is of capacity 12V 3.6Amp, connectable to external sources. The pants are Unisex but lack a waist belt to fix them on.

How we picked and tested

A lot of factors were taken into consideration while making this listing. There were no two ways to it, we scoured the internet and stores for all the available heated clothing. We then filtered our findings to the specific type of clothing here, and then we made comparisons based on past sales and customer comments and reviews.

Still, we were left with numerous brands and products. We then made a final evaluation and testing procedure, in which we even tested some of them. After this, we were left with a very petite list, and what we presented here is our final top ten, with a bonus feature…

Why should you buy heated pants

Why not? If you live in a cold region, or you like to partake in early morning activities, or regularly participate in high octane sports events, heated pants could do you a world of good. They are seasonably prized, they eliminate the need for layering and they are beneficial to the muscle tissue in more ways than one.

Features to consider when buying heated pants

  • The suitable activity for each, and if it matches your needs
  • The price range
  • The warranty timeframes and policy
  • The material used
  • The method of heating
  • The maximum intensity and respective time to get there


  • Most of them are very affordable
  • Portable usage
  • They are lightweight
  • Suitable for various activities


  • The cheaper ones may have a poor duration


What if they electrocute me?

While the idea of wearing electric wires and padding may not sound ideal to many, the manufacturers ensure that there is more than enough insulation between you and the electric system.

Even if they do somehow shock you, which they won’t, the relative flow of current is not enough to cause anything besides a sharp sting. In any case, you can always reach back to the store where you bought them.

Are there any cheap ones?

Well, ‘cheap’ isn’t really the word. Rather, most of them are very affordable; bear in mind that the amount of money you use to buy one can buy a couple of regular winter items. It is simply a matter of need and preference.


The need for heated clothing is on the rise, as they enable more and more people to partake in all their favorite high-intensity sporting activities. Even for home use, they are a very satisfying purchase.