When winter comes, you need to be prepared for it. In fact, you must ensure that you stock up on everything that you will need to keep you warm. Get those gloves, those coats, those best-heated vests, and also those really warm boots.

Of course, for extra warmth this winter, you have to try out heated garments. We have drawn up for you an article on heated vests to help you get started. We also narrowed down the search and listed some that we think will be best suited for you.

Top-Rated Heated Vests

We have put together a list of some winter garments that we think you need to check out and also get one for yourself:

Arris Heated Vest

When you decide to shop around for warm clothes you should definitely get yourself this garment. The heated clothing item comes with 8 heating panels covering your whole body with electrical warmth. You can keep yourself with this garment between ranges of 40 degrees to 80 degrees, you will definitely find a pick there.

You can adjust it in size through its hook and loop design and there is an adjustable zipper too providing a fit ranging from small to XXXL. This garment is unisex, promotes blood circulation, and is also believed to provide muscle pain relief. It can be worn for camping, fishing trips, during the snow season and you can use it for casuals.

Its battery is a large 7 200 mAh rechargeable battery that you can use for up to 15 hours depending on your heating control.


  • It has a stylish design
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Has great heating attributes
  • Has a long battery life


  • Pocket linings could be stronger

Prosmart Heated Vest

You can pick this very convenient and fast-acting option that will provide you with remarkable senses of warmth no matter the weather. This garment is both very flexible and entirely unisex. It comes with three different heating settings so you can adjust the temperature to your desired level, either low, medium, or high. The vest with heater inside is very convenient as it provides you with a cell phone pocket.


  • It heats up quickly
  • Has a handy cell phone pocket
  • Come with optimal battery placement


  • It comes with unclear instructions

Ororo Heated Vest

This is a garment made from nylon material and it makes you very comfortable as it follows your body. It has carbon fiber heating elements that are carefully placed throughout to keep your upper body warm. The four heating zones are found one on the collar, on the mid-back, and two under the pockets.

It comes with a button that you can use to control the garment’s heat settings allowing you to have control of your warmth. It comes with a 7.4-volt battery that can allow you to make use of it for up to 10 hours on a full charge. This item is best suited for going on adventures into the woods. It is also lightweight and above all, wind and water-resistant.


  • Has proven to be very comfortable
  • Warms up your whole body
  • Has a long-lasting battery
  • Very stylish


  • Has a glowing light that tends to be annoying at times

Vinmori Heated Vest

This heated vest has been around for the longest of times and its being in the market still proves that it has touched the hearts of many. You can control the heat that you get with the use of one simple button making it easy for you to find the heat level that you want.

The garment comes with a side zipper and this makes it easy for people of different body types to fit as it allows you to adjust to your desired fit, from medium up to XXL. It has a high neck design that allows you warmth from your waist up to your neck. The garment however only has heating zones in the back only.


  • Has adjustable sizes
  • Comes with convenient controls
  • Has an elegant design


  • Does not have heating zones in the front

Cozihoma Heated Vest

The special garment is adjustable, fits all body types of all ages and it also comes with a USB port. This USB-powered heated vest is best suited for those winter sports lover and those that work outdoors a lot. It is lightweight allowing you movement of any sort.

The way it is engineered allows you to feel significant heat in just a matter of seconds. It however does not include a power source but it offers compatibility with most power banks.


  • It has a mobile design that allows fluid motion
  • It heats up very quickly
  • It is extra comfortable


  • Does not come with a power source

Volt Women’s Cracow Vest

This garment is lightweight and was specifically designed for women. It comes with an insulating design, a protective turtleneck, and a quilted bodice that has a relaxed fit. It is waterproof and made from nylon and it is insulated by a polyester fiber filling.

There are pockets on this garment where you can put your hands to keep them warm. There are three heating zones made available to you, one on the back and two on the chest.


  • Has 4 heat settings
  • It is not bulky and suitable for physical activity
  • Offers up to 10 hours of heat


  • A few batter issues

Outcool Women’s Heated Vest

This is best suited for the outdoors or for those that work in cold environments. It has a stylish and insulating design that makes it ideal to be worn in the office or even when you are on the road. It is made from waterproof nylon and its insulating layers are made of bonded fleece.

There are pockets and a turtleneck that add to keeping you warm. It has the three usual heating zones and 3 heat levels also.


  • It is affordable
  • Stylish and can be worn for any occasion
  • Up to 8 hours of heat
  • Great heat coverage


  • It runs a little small

Mobile Warming Men’s Endeavor

This vest has an outer shell that is made of durable nylon making the garment wind and water-resistant. It has heating elements located at the back and another set is found on the chest and these extend up to the core to make sure that you are warm everywhere.

It comes with adjustable settings that allow you to choose the level of heat you want. You can do this via your phone also. It also comes with a USB port and a built-in LED flashlight that will be very useful for those night ventures.


  • Is of high quality
  • Has a duck down for added warmth
  • Has multiple heat settings
  • You can control the heat through your smartphone
  • Soothing heat

ActionHeat Heated Vest

The garment is really light allowing men wearing it to be free in terms of movement and you can either wear it at the office or when you decide to go on that jog. It is durable, comfortable, and also water-resistant.

This battery heated vest also comes with a built-in Far Infrared heating system that will keep you relaxed all through to the core improving your skin circulation. It is powered by a 5-volt battery and has variable heating settings. It can run for up to four and a half hours on low settings and two hours when it is set on high.


  • It is machine washable
  • Has three heat settings


  • Lasts for a maximum of 4 and a half hours on low heat

Conqueco Women’s Heated Vest

This garment comes with a polyester waterproof shell for protecting your skin and the heating elements inside. It has pockets that you can put your phone, wallet, or even hands in. You can wear this vest when doing your gardening or even scaling the mountains.

It has four heat settings that you can use for your own convenience. When it is on low heat you can use it for up to 10 hours and on high it can do up to 3 – 5 hours. It comes with a USB port for you to use to charge your phone when you are on the go. The garment with its design and reliable elements can be perfect for athletes too.


  • It is known to heat up quickly
  • Can be used for up to 10 hours on low heat
  • Comes with 4 different heat settings


  • Runs for fewer hours when used on high settings

Mobile Warming Women’s Cascade

With this particular garment, you get to control the heat you get through your phone and through Bluetooth making it easy to operate. It has a slim fit and stylish design that shapes your body perfectly trapping in all the heat. It is made of Windshark which is 4-way stretch water and windproof fabric.

Other benefits that you can get from this garment include improvement of blood circulation and alleviation of aches. There are three heating zones, two on the chest and one at the back, and has 4 adjustable temperature settings too. For you to access the temperature control of the garment you just have to download the MW Connect Mobile App and you can start enjoying the warmth that you want.


  • Has 4 heat settings
  • Heat can be controlled with your phone and Bluetooth
  • Great heat coverage


  • Has to be hand-washed only

How We Picked and Tested

We made sure that the vests are very flexible and allow you movement when you are wearing them, we made sure also that you can choose one that fits you perfectly and keeps you in style.

We also looked for those that have pockets to help you store small things when you are on the go or to keep your hands warm. We also checked the battery life of the garments to make sure that you are guaranteed warmth all through the time that you will be wearing them.

Why You Should Buy a Heated Vest

You should get yourself one of these vests as they guarantee you warmth during the winter season. The good thing about these garments is that you can wear them with anything over or under another garment.

They are handy with their sleeveless nature, you can fold and pack it when it has served its purpose nice and easy even when you are away from home. These garments are a very stylish way of keeping yourself warm during the winter season. Confuse the cold winter season, get your heated vest, and moonwalk through winter.

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best-Heated Vest

When you see something nice you decide there and then without finding out more about the products. With a heated vest, you have to however consider a few things before you buy it as you will get home and start regretting it. We have drawn up a list of some of the things that you should definitely consider:

Heating elements

When you searching for a heated vest you have to keep in mind that the most convenient heating element is carbon fiber. It is very flexible, is optimal in generating and spreading heat allowing the movement of fluid.

Also if the garment is made from carbon fiber it is easy to wash as you can put it in a washing machine on a gentle circle. You can also get those that are steel plated or wired copper heating elements but these need to be hand-washed only and do not allow you to move freely when you are wearing them.

Style and Fit

The garment you get must be one that you feel comfortable wearing as it will be stylish and fitting you perfectly. You should look at the product’s sizing chart to make sure that you get one that will fit you perfectly.

When you get one that fits you it will be to your advantage as it will trap the heat inside allowing you to be warm all the time.

Comfort and Convenience

You will find that some of these vests provide you with that extra warmth but come with bulky batteries and stuffy material which will do away with all your comfort. Yes, it is good to find a garment that keeps you warm all the time but you have to find one that does both, keeping you warm and making you feel comfortable.


You might want to look for a heated vest that comes with storage space. If you work outdoors a lot you will need a garment that has a number of pockets to avoid a lot of trips into the house. You also might want to get one that has pockets so that you can keep your hands warm when you go out with friends or when you go on night strolls alone.

Battery Life

This is one of the main factors that you should consider when you get your heated vest. You will see that some come with a battery life that can keep you warm the whole day whilst some can only keep you warm for just a few hours. You have to first think of how long you would need your heated vest to run before you get one.

Pros and Cons


  • Guaranteed warmth in winter
  • These can be worn for any occasion
  • You can charge your mobile device on the go with the USB port it comes with


  • Some do not last long


How do I charge my vest with heater inside?

You just have to plug the electric vest into an electric outlet after you put the battery in place. The charge time of the electric heated vest will depend on its specific make.

Are heated vests safe?

Companies that manufacture these vests have put safety at the top of their priority list. All of the safety aspects will be tested on the T and will be stress-tested again and this process will keep on being repeated over and over again before the product is released to the market.

How do I clean my heat vest?

You first all have to disconnect and remove the battery. It does not matter whether you are going to hand wash or machine wash it, you have to use cold water only. When you are machine washing it you have to use a gentle cycle and you have to place the vest in a mesh bag. Make sure that you do not use bleach or any other strong solvents as this will surely deteriorate the vest’s insulation.


Heat vests and electric body warmers are the in thing now, they will keep you warm and also in style at the same time. With guaranteed warmth for hours that you get to decide the levels that you will be getting it in. You can get yourself a lightweight garment that has multiple heating zones allowing you to keep warm whilst you are at your business.

Be sure to stock up on warm clothes, inclusive of the heated vests and battery-powered body warmers. The winter season will not catch you off guard as you will already be prepared.