With winter closing in, you have to make sure that everything is in place. All the open areas around your house, the heater you meant to fix, the warm clothes you meant to put out in the open, and above all, that Bosch heated jacket that you have been eyeing for the past few months. We have drawn up for you a review of the jacket to help you decide and see for yourself how the jacket can work well in your favor.

Bosch heated jacket overview

The Bosch heated jacket is one that has three electric blanket-like patches with two on the upper chest and one on the lower back. The model that came before it had rear heating zones up to the top but these allowed air to get in from below.

For the jacket to generate heat it has to be connected to the 12V 2.0Ah battery that will be in the inside pocket. The jacket is made for those that are always cold. It also is excellent for a lot of people especially manual laborers and those that work outside a lot.


  • Front Heating Zones: 2 on the chest
  • Battery Adapter: 12V w/ USB Port
  • Pockets: Yes, 6
  • Rear Heating Zones: 2 Lower back
  • Temp settings: Low/ Medium/ High
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Outer Shell: 100% polyester


  • Pockets
  • USB powered
  • Accessories


The jacket is designed with certain heating zones. The material that is used to make this garment can be electronically set by making use of the buttons you can use to adjust the jacket’s heating levels.

Once you have activated the jacket it will start spreading heat around and this is made visible with a light that appears like that of a microwave oven. The heating zone is quite visible as they will light up from the back and also on the chest area of the jacket.


The heated jacket is made from 100% polyester making it look stylish. The fabric it is made from is cold resistant even when you do not operate the heating machine.

Its material, apart from the fact that it has a heating system, makes it suitable for outdoor work and also to be worn by those that operate heavy machinery during the winter season. The jacket also protects you from the heated system by evenly transferring the heat all over your jacket.

Fit and Sizing

You will be provided with a sizing chart on the Bosch website and this way you can be able to pick out the perfect size that will work for you. You have to make sure that the size you get will be a size above the usual one you usually get putting into cognizance the fact there will be a battery in the jacket and if the jacket is too tight as a result of that it will make you uncomfortable.

You also do not have to get one that is oversize because that one will be letting cold air in from underneath it and it would not work well in your favor. You can get one that will be medium-sized when you wear it, not too tight and not too loose.

Heating Elements

This jacket has three heat settings with the first one being low heat providing you with just the right warmth which will come in handy when you have a fever or when you need to add up on a bit of sweat when you are running.

Then there is the medium heat setting and this is good when you will be working in a place that has a very cold air conditioning system. It will also be handy on a cold rainy day or when the weather is just unbearable and you are at home and it can also give you extra warmth during the winter season.

The high setting is good for when you are doing heavier tasks like staying outside in the snow for a very long time or when you decide to hike in the very cold mountain regions. These settings make sure that you can make the jacket work for many purposes and they can be activated with a simple press of a button.


The system of the jacket operates using a 4.0Ah battery and this one serves enough power to provide you with the right warmth you desire to stay warm. The battery can last you for up to 6 hours without you having to turn off the jacket.

It operates on a 12 Volt max power tool battery system making it capable of lasting for long aside from the battery power. Its power output makes it possible for you to be provided with the right levels and you can increase them depending on what you want. The jacket’s voltage makes sure that it runs efficiently on the battery when the heating system is being used.


Its heating system is made to make sure that the jacket does not overheat which might damage the jacket. This safety precaution makes sure also that the jacket does not get damaged from overuse. You will have to however limit how frequently you use the jacket.

Use cases

·         Working

If you are that one person whose job requires you to go outside the house when it is cold to do a bit of construction work or to make deliveries then this jacket was specifically designed for you as it will keep you cozy and warm throughout the day and also at night. You can adjust the heat levels to suit the one you want when it gets extremely cold.

The jacket makes it possible for you to keep your mind off not feeling warm rather and to focus on your work only. If you wear it in the office or at school you can adjust it to low or medium if the air conditioning system is too cold for you to bear.

·         Hiking

The winter season makes hiking hard for most people with the cold. The Bosch Heated Jacket is very convenient here as it does a very good job to keep you warm. It has some resistant quality guarantees that make it impossible for it to break or tear easily while the heating system keeps you warm all through the night. It might be perfect for hikers but it has weak resistance when it comes to cold temperatures.

·         Riding a motorcycle

When you go for a ride on your motorcycle and you are going on a long trip the cold will definitely catch up with you. The heated jacket then comes in as it will play a very pivotal role in ensuring that you are warm even when there are harsh winds along the road. You can put it on and set it to your desired temperature.

·         Workout

If you are in serious need of cardio training the heated jacket can be useful. A conventional method of using it will be to heat it when you are exercising. For you to perspire more you should combine this garment with very intense training and this can help you a lot if you want to lose weight.

·         When you have a fever

When someone is sick and has a fever or is sick the jacket can come to their rescue. They just have to wear the jacket and then activate it and put it on low heat and it can help them sweat as sweating is very important when one wants to recover from a fever or flue.

Pros and Cons


  • It is nice
  • It is not bulky
  • It has a zipper cell phone pocket and charging capabilities
  • Is comfortable for bike riders
  • It is heated


  • The zipper is on the left hand
  • The battery will be shaped like a baseball in the pocket
  • Can be hand washed only
  • You need three batteries for you to use the jacket for the whole day

Is Bosch heated jacket worth buying?

The Bosch heated jacket is worth buying as it comes with 5 different pockets for holding a phone, placing large documents, storage of the controller and battery, and two hand pockets to keep your hands warm also.

It is USB powered also making it easy for you to charge it. You can charge the jacket’s batteries when you are away from home and you can also use the USB port as a charger for your phone. Also, this product comes with a controller, a battery holster, the battery as a separate part, and the charger also.


The Bosch heated jacket proves to be one that will definitely be worth your while. It has proven that you can make it work on any occasion and in any situation depending on the kind of weather that you are dealing with. You do not have to stay indoors simply because it is cold.

You can get yourself the Bosch 18V heated jacket. You can go to work, hiking, head to the gym, or any other activity that can be done outside.