Rax High Rise Men's Hiking Boots (Video Reviews)

Good Points:

  • Lightweight
  • V-TEX Waterproof Membrane
  • Slip Resistant Sole

Not So Good Points:

  • Not Good For Snow
  • Oversized

Why Buy Rax Hiking Boots?

Rax Hiking Boots are a fairly new company, having started in 2010, but they have built up a good reputation within the hiking fraternity.

These really are a comfortable wear, it’s just a shame the rubber sole isn’t suitable for hiking in the snow, but then again, not many are.

Well made and comfortable walking shoes for most outdoor walks. Not waterproof but breathable and suitable for light showers and grassland.

Thick rubber toe cap wraps up and over for more protection

The thick rubber toe cap extends up and over the toe area to help prevent damage from grit and sand. The memory foam insole helps with shock absorption and makes the walking shoe more comfortable. It is made with a Nano Moisture Mesh helping to prevent sweating.

The padded lycra tongue extends up to keep out grit and the leather and mesh upper makes the shoe more breathable.

Anti-Slip Sole

Perfect sole for hiking across hills and woodlands.

Extended Toe Caps

Extended up and over to provide more protection against grit and stones.

Memory Foam

Breathable and sweat draining memory foam insoles keep you comfortable and cool

5 star rating


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