The North Face Hedgehog Fastpack GTX Low Rise Walking Shoes

A Review of The North Face Hedgehog Fastpack GTX Walking Shoes

Good Points:

  • Extra grip designed sole
  • Waterproof sole and breathable uppers
  • Dual-density midsole with cradle grip

Not So Good Points:

  • Buy ½ size up to allow for thick socks
  • Shoe Laces!

These walking shoes are ideal for everyday use, including walking the dog and rambling through fields and moorlands.

perfect for most needs, they are light, tough wearing and come at a really impressive price

Some die hard hikers say The North Face brand has become more of a fashion brand that tends to concentrate more on the design and look than the needs of serious hikers. But these shoes ARE for the everyday user and not the serious hiker – they, may wish to invest in a more robust and fully waterproof high rise hiking boot.

I found them perfect and extremely comfortable straight out of the box.

The breathable upper allows the feet to breathe when they are working hard but this obviously comes at the expense of having a completely waterproof shoe. This is something you’ll find with all breathable walking shoes. They are either waterproof or breathable. You have to prioritise and pick the shoes that fit your walking routines.

Again, I found them dry and comfortable for most of my wet and dry walks.

The shoe laces that come with these walking shoes are perfectly adequate but I prefer a thicker and more robust pair. My only grievance!

Perfect Grip

The textile inner has a compression moulded midsole which allows cradling of the heel for support and cushioning. Support and cushioning are definitely needed if you are walking long distances and will help prevent heel pain developing. The “snake plate” technology is a patterning system which creates the rugged sole, giving a really good degree of grip on uneven pathways, rocky slopes and wet walkways.

the grip on the north face gtx shoes

The design is modern and the construction is mostly strong and impressive, although some buyers have commented on how they are not made for the hard working hiker, but again, you have to think of how you are going to use your shoes.


Overall I believe these walking shoes are perfect for most needs, they are light, tough wearing and come at a really impressive price.

North Face Hedgehog walking shoes

Snake Plate Grip

Provides good solid grip on rugged slopes and wet grasslands

Breathable Uppers

Let’s your feet breathe when the going gets tough but the sole is waterproof.

Cradle Grip Inner

Cradles the heel to aid support and cushioning against heel pain.

north face walking shoes

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