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Our guides are here to help you make the most of your hiking trips, whether you want to learn how to create professional looking photographs of your trip or you simply want to find the best hiking shoes for your walks.

There is always something new being added and we hope you will find them interesting.

What Makes a Good Hiking Boot

parts of a hiking boot
  • How Hiking Boots Are Constructed
  • How to Get The Right Fit
  • What’s The Best Material For Hiking Boots
  • Explore “Little Switzerland” in North Devon
  • Short Walks With Your Dog
  • From Days Out to 1 Hour Walks

How to Lace Hiking Boots

how to lace hiking boots
  • How to Lace Hiking Boots for Wide Feet
  • How to Lace Boots for Toe Relief
  • How to Lace Boots for Extra Ankle Support

How to Plan a Walk

how to plan your walking route safely
  • How long will your walk take?
  • What are the Best maps to use?
  • What do you need to plan a walk?

Walking For Health

walking in the city
  • What are the benefits of walking?
  • How to start walking
  • Finding places to walk

Help For Heel Pain

plantar fascia
  • What is Plantar Fasciitis?
  • Which exercises help cure heel pain?
  • What are the best shoes for heel pain?

3 Landscape Photography Tips

  • Awesome tips to create beautiful images
  • Learn how to document your hiking day
  • Photograph like a pro!

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