Year in, year out, winter comes, catching people off-guard. People get terrible colds because they would not have been clever enough to take the necessary measures to make sure that they have everything they need before winter comes. In fact, even when winter has caught up with them, they fail to be skillful in terms of keeping themselves away from the cold. We have made a few observations and have come up with a list of things that can help you stay warm outdoors in winter. Read below.

Ways to Stay Warm Outside

Being cold when you are outside the house and being cold when you are inside the house is very different. Being on the inside has a number of advantages to it as you will have many options of keeping yourself heated. Being outside is however tricky.

You have to make sure that there are some things that you do and some you do not, you also have some measures that you have to take also when you are outside in winter. Below are some of the ways that you can make sure that you are comfortable even when you are walking outside and it is cold.

1.      Heated clothes

With the cold winter coming your way, you have to make sure that you are nicely protected. There are different types of heated clothes that you can get yourself. You can get either a heated vest that you can put on top or underneath any clothing or you can get yourself a heated jacket that can keep you heated up all throughout the day.

These are ideal for keeping you warm when you are outdoors as they are powered by batteries that can help you alter the heat that you want guaranteeing you warmth for hours. The benefit that comes with these heated clothes is that you can wear them anywhere and you can match either your heated jacket or heated vest with anything.

2.      Prewarm your clothes

It is also good that you preheat your clothes before you wear them when you want to go outside in the cold. By so doing when you wear them and go outside you would have the clothes warm already and that can help you get warm quick too and you will not be feeling that much cold outside as the warmth of the clothes would have aided your body warmth keeping you warm for the time that you will be outside.

3.      Invest in some quality thermals

You need to know that thermals were not made for skiing. Your wardrobe needs to have a least a pair of thermal pants and a thermal top. These come in handy layering under your winter outfits keeping you extra warm when you are outside of the house.

You have to invest in yourself and get these thermal items if you want to keep warm outside all through winter.

4.      Get Fleece leggings

Fleece leggings are the next best thing after thermals. These are the very best in winter when you decide to put on a very short skirt. You can put on your skirt and add a pair of fleece leggings and you will be good to go. If it is extra cold outside you can wear these leggings under your jeans, keeping you both warm and in style at the same time.

5.      Hand warmers

Hand warmers might seem a bit old school but have been around for many years and have been trusted to keep people warm. When you want to step outside you can put on a pair and then step outside with your hands fully protected from the cold. The best thing about hand warmers is that they are very cheap and you can also make a pair for yourself at home. Trust us: hand warmers is the best way to stay warn in winter.

6.      Cover every inch of your skin

You have to make sure that when you go outside every inch of your body is covered. Most people find it very beneficial to cover their body surface with at least one extra layer a very good way to be protected outside in winter.

Each small part of your body that is left open will aid in heat loss which happens really quickly in cold weather. You should put on clothes that cover your neck, ears and even wear gloves when you go outside.

7.      Eat fatty foods

If you know that you are going to be spending a lot of time outside you have to eat a lot of fatty foods. These raise the pH of the blood in your body which is usually lower in cold weather. This then helps you to stay heated up for a very long time.

8.      Make use of a thermal flask

You can have your tea, heated milk, coffee, or even hot chocolate on the go. This flask helps to keep more than your tummy warm, when you are outside and your hands are feeling a little bit cold, you can place them both around the flask for that warmth. In this way, you can keep both the inside and the outside of your body heat up.

9.      Keep moving

The very quickest way of staying hot when you are outside is to keep moving. This can either be increasing your pace or stepping from one foot to another when you are stationary. These small movements that you will be making will burn energy and help you heat up your body. The more movements you make the more heat you get.

10.  Keep hydrated

It is not necessarily the case that you should keep yourself hydrated when it is hot only, even when it is cold you have to make sure that your water levels are high. Water is noted to be good at retaining heat. The more water you drink, the more heat you retain, and this way it will be easy for you to keep yourself warm when you are outside.

11.  Keep your head covered

You should make sure that every time you go outside you keep your head covered. You must keep as much of your head surface covered as possible. The whole head down to the ears has to be covered. You can get yourself a very cool woolen heat or one made from fleece so that you can stay both warm and in style.

12.  DIY wool insoles

Since your shoes are directly getting in contact with the cold surface when you are outside, you have to be tactful and make yourself wool insoles. You just have to cut out two pieces of wool for lining the bottom of your shoes.

This will just be like wearing slippers when you go out. Your feet will stay extra warm in your shoes the whole time that you will be outside.

13.  Cycling hat

These hats are not only useful for cyclists only. You can wear this thin hat under a normal hat giving you extra warmth when you are outside of the house.

14.  Tactical scarf-wearing

Do not just use your scarf for keeping your neck only protected from the cold. When you intend to stay heated outside you have to wear your scarf tactfully. You can either use it as an extra layer under your coat, as a blanket to put over your cold knees and you can also use it as a heater.

You can also wrap it around your nose and your breath will be providing heat to the rest of your face when you are outside and it is extremely cold.

15.  Wearing clothes that are the right size

You may want to dress up in a way that will make you look hot by wearing tight clothes but they will not help you stay heated up, rather uncomfortable and cold.

You have to make sure that when you go outside you wear loose-fitting clothes as these create a protective layer of air that is warm between your skin and the environment that will be on the other side of the fabric guaranteeing you heat whilst you enjoy your time outside the house.

16.  Protect yourself from element

One good way of staying warm outside is by staying away from either the rain, ice, puddles, or even snow. These, once you get close to them will make you feel cold. You have to make sure that when you go outside, you move quickly between buildings, use a car wherever possible, and also try walking where there is shade. This helps you to stay warm in the snow.

17.  Avoid sitting on the cold ground

When you are outside and stop somewhere when you feel tired or want to get a great view of the place, do not sit down if the surface is cold. The body heat that you will have accumulated will be absorbed by the ground.

You have to make sure that you carry a small mate if you know you are going to sit down here or there, or you can even sit on your backpack if it does not have any breakables.

How to stay warm with little clothing

         i.            Get Heated Clothes

You should get a heated jacket or a heated vest. By so doing, there is no need for you to be putting on extra layers of clothes. It can just be the jacket and a small top and you are good to go. The heated clothes come with different levels of heat that are low, medium, and high, meaning that you can put any level you want that will keep you warm so that you avoid putting on a lot of clothes.

They are also beneficial for when you want to travel and you do not want to carry a lot of clothes so you can just get something light and also your heated jacket, thus keeping yourself warm with very little clothing.

       ii.            Get a patio heater to warm up your backyard

This is the simplest way to stay cool outside with very little clothing. If you are going to be spending a lot of time outside in winter you have to make sure that you put on a patio heater.

     iii.            Wrap you kidneys

In ancient times to dress cool in winter without having to wear a lot of clothes you had to wrap your kidneys. It is believed that when we get chilled our bodies will divert extra blood flow to our core areas so as to protect our vital organs from getting cold.

Two things can happen as a result of this, you can feel an increase in the pressure in your core due to that extra blood flow, and also the parts of your body that are not close to your internal organs will quickly get cold. When you compress the kidney wraps it will stimulate your body’s response by adding insulation all over your internal organs and also increasing the pressure that will be on your core area.

Your blood flow will then be getting strong from the top of your head to the tips of your toes and fingers and this will make you feel warmer everywhere reducing the need to wear a lot of clothes.

     iv.            Light a fire

A great way to warm up with very little clothes is to light up a fire. Over the years bonfires have been a great way of heating up outside. You can put a small fire that you and the people around you can enjoy.

       v.            Move a lot

You have to keep in mind the fact that clothes are not there to produce heat, they only trap the heat that will be produced by your body. You can wear a few clothes when you are outside and keep moving a lot or doing any other exercises.

By so doing your body will be accumulating heat and the little clothes that you have on will keep that heat for you.

     vi.            You need to eat more

Your body, just like a car needs fuelling. You need to keep your internal furnace burning by means of feeding it constantly. There will be no need for you to be wearing a lot of clothes, you just have to constantly eat high-fat snacks like nuts and cheese. Fat is slow when it comes to burning so it will keep the body heated up for a very long time.

   vii.            Worship the sun

Just as you would seek the shade in hot temperatures, you should seek the sun and busk a lot in cold weather. By so doing you do not have to wear a lot of clothes.

 viii.            Stay dry

You do not necessarily have to wear a lot of clothes to feel hot, you have to make sure that you stay dry. Moisture is very bad for you when it cold, either the one that comes from rain or the one that comes from perspiration.

You should avoid getting wet by putting on a base layer that wicks sweat away from your body like one made from silk or polyester. The outer layer that you will be wearing will then have to be waterproof and also breathable so that your perspiration will evaporate off the interior layer. Thus by keeping yourself dry, you do not have to put on a lot of clothes just to keep yourself warm outside.

     ix.            Break the wind

The wind can make the time you spend outside very miserable for you. If our bodies are warm they heat up a little layer of air around us helping to insulate the cold. The layer that you would have created can be blown by wind if you are not careful.

For you to counter the wind you have to wear a windproof outer layer keeping the layer of air next to your skin warm therefore removing the need for you to wear excessive clothes just to keep warm.


You will notice that it is very easy for you to put some things off simply because their season is not here yet. You feel like stalking up on those things that will keep you heated up during winter is a waste of time because winter is not here yet and you keep brushing off those thoughts of what you can do to stay warm when winter is here and you have errands to do or a job to get to and all this will be requiring you to get out of the house.

Prevention is better than cure. It is best that you crack your head now thinking of ways that can help you stay warm when you decide to venture outside than to be looking for ways to get rid of a cold as winter will have caught up with you.

There a number of ways you can keep yourself and your family safe this winter, pick a few and you will enjoy the winter season like it in the summer. Stock up on those jackets, get those thermal flasks, and gather wood to start fires outside so you can keep yourself heated up when you are enjoying family time.